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Riot in the Pasture

Riot in the Pasture is our annual farm-to-table fundraiser. A fun, accessible event that show cases some of the best food from Rowan County and neighboring counties. For three years now, we’ve partnered with great volunteers and Morgan Ridge Vineyards & Brewhouse and their chef Jason Nain to put on a great event.


Winter Harvest

Ever get bummed out that the Salisbury Farmers’ Market doesn’t operate January through mid-April? Winter Harvest has been helping locals get fresh local food in the winter for years.


Bread Riot hosts a variety of community gatherings. Come learn about food systems, share recipes, and volunteer on a farm. Come see a screening of Resistance September 17th at Catawba Center for the Environment.

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What else we do?

Salisbury Farmers’ Market

In addition to his work at Bread Riot, executive director Eric Bowen serves as the manager of the Salisbury-Rowan Farmers’ Market.

Meat Club

Throughout the year, particular outside of farmers’ market season, we offer opportunities to connect with various local farmers to purchase sustainably raised local meats.

Sustainability Book Club

The Sustainability Book Club meets every first Thursday of the month. We read and discuss books that shed new light on issues relating to sustainability, energy or food systems. Recent books include “Cowed” and “How Carrots Won the Trojan War”. To get details about our next book club meeting, email info@breadriot.org. Our December book is American Catch by Paul Greenberg. It’s about eating local seafood, from American waters, not imported, mainly Asian seafood. Have you tried to find blue crab from the Atlantic in our grocery stores lately or looked at the source of the salmon, not to mention shrimp?

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Amy Hoffner Poirier, President
Dottie Hoy, Vice President
Joe Morris, Treasurer
Carol Schmitz-Corken, Secretary
Bevin Fink
Chase Reynolds
Lane Wallace
Bryan Wymbs

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Our Mission

Bread Riot cultivates a thriving local economy by facilitating a supply of locally produced food, utilizing sustainable farming practices and focusing on whole-life issues, education, and environmental concern.


  • We support local and sustainable agriculture.
  • We respect the environment.
  • We strive to reduce the impact of our lifestyles on the world we share with other species and future generations.
  • We prefer to work with local, earth-friendly producers.
  • We believe that every individual can make a tangible difference in the world by choosing their foods wisely – supporting local and sustainably-minded producers, and supporting vulnerable farmers.
  • We strive to make the Bread Riot welcoming and accessible to all and to respect the opinions, needs and concerns of every member.

Funding Sources


In addition to these funding sources, we have launched a new MEMBERSHIP drive. Now you can support local food in Rowan County the same way you support NPR.
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