Church Creek Farm is actually a combination of two farms farmed by two friends: Jess and Dee. They farm at Jess’s house on US highway 52 (13 acres) and Dee’s house (1 acre plot). Both nurses at a doctor’s office in town, they have been running the farm together for over a year. They have a delightful You-Tube Channel called Naturally NC, where they talk about growing vegetables, feeding chickens, you name it. You can also follow them on Instagram- naturallync.

The farm on 52 has a farmhouse from the 1800’s which Jess and her husband have restored. There is also another original building on the farm, originally a corn crib that dates back to the early 1800s.

Right now they are a small farm that was able to sustain 4-5 families last year. They grow assorted vegetables, raise chickens for eggs, and recently added a couple of goats to the farm. One thing they are growing is a rare variety of sweet potato called the “Georgia Red” that has been in Dee’s family for a long time. Jess and Dee hope to expand the crop and share it with other farmers. They use Baker’s Creek and So True seed companies and use organic practices on their vegetables. “We really want to help people learn to grow vegetables and show them how easy it is.” Jess says.

Church Creek Farm
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Church Creek Farm
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