Despite all the rain we’ve been having, we had a chance this week to visit Correll Farms. David’s family has been on the same land/been farming since the late 1800’s. David, his wife Cheryl, daughter Josie, and son Talton, all work on the farm, along with a few relatives and workers. Some of their workers have been working for them for thirty years! David and his family are very active in the community, you’ve probably seen them in town or the county fair.

The actual farmed portion of the farm totals 30 acres, out of the 200 acres of the actual farm. They plant in early March and continue through October. Most of the crops are hand planted. Some of the crops they grow are: squash, cucumbers, melons, lettuces, greens, corn, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, okra- you name it! There are several varieties of each vegetable and they stagger the plantings in order to insure availability all season long. They actually plant 10 varieties of onions- some for short days of sun, some for medium days, and some for the longest days of summer! Amazing! They do maintain bee hives on the farm. Larry Pruett, a nearby farmer, takes care of the bees.

Talton’s role on the farm is not only helping in the field, but he is in charge of the chickens. The farm sells fresh eggs, “Talton’s Eggs” from the 200 chickens they have. There are many varieties of chickens. We had a chance to meet Zelda, the chicken queen. There are also a small number of beef cattle on the farm. At one time there were dairy cows, but David has gradually switched over to a focus on produce. Josie is equally active in various aspects of the farm as well. You will often see Josie or both kids at the Saturday market in downtown Salisbury.

You can see David Correll at the Salisbury Rowan Farmer’s Market on Saturdays usually through September. He also does a weekly CSA for 15 weeks in the summer. Produce can be ordered and picked up at the farm as well.

You can check out the contact information and hours, and/or follow them on Facebook.

Correll Farm
1185 Woodleaf Barber Rd
Cleveland, NC  27013

PH (704) 202-9678

Correll Farm
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