Randy and Pam Elium have lived and farmed on their farm since 1974.  Meeting at Catawba in the early 70’s, they took over the property that Randy’s father had used as a cattle farm.  Their first strawberry crop was in 1978, and they have been farming strawberries ever since!  They now grow a variety of produce including blueberries (late June), potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, green beans, and tomatoes. They also plan on adding blackberry bushes soon. Randy is also a member of the Rowan County Beekeepers Association and has 13 hives on the property.

The Eliums are hoping to open their new produce building by mid-June.  The building has interior walls made of boards from trees on the farm and an interior tin ceiling that came off a family farm roof located in Mt. Pleasant.  They hope to include all the produce they grow themselves, honey, and meat from a local farmer as well.  One thing they hope to sell is a produce “box” that will be a variety of produce that will be sold for a set price.

The farm has some truly unique qualities to it.  There is a spring on the property that puts out about 28,000 gallons a day.  The house Randy and Pam live in was built from lumber from the farm and with lumber donated from local friends and family.  They also have a huge wood-burning stove that heats hot water for the house, irrigation, and the produce packing barn.  A retired James River salesman, Randy has an extensive collection of John Deere items, and the two of them are collectors of some really neat farm and household gadgets.

You can check out the contact information and hours, and/or follow them on Facebook.

Elium Farm
2085 Lake Road
Salisbury, NC  28146

PH (704) 636-2459
EM eliumpam@gmail.com


Elium Farm
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