Bread Riot board member Carol Schmitz Corken is a teacher at Hanford-Dole Elementary School off of Bringle Ferry Rd near East Spencer. In Spring 2016, about 86% of the students qualified for the free or reduced lunch program and the school has moved to offering free lunch to all students. Because of the high need population we thought the school’s open house would be a good place to do a local produce tasting and Share the Harvest distribution.

It was really fun to talk to the kids. And although it was a bit surprising that a lot had trouble identifying an uncut cantaloupe, some of the parents were surprised too. It was good to see kids who really love local fruits and veggies. And it was really great to meet the parents and grandparents who grew up with gardens and were really passionate about healthy foods and cooking for their kids. I hope more of the kids will be able to identify (and enjoy) their fruits and veggies after the visit!

Items kids tasted: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe, and peaches. (All items were grown in Rowan County except the peaches, which were from SC.)
Photo credits: Thanks Sean Meyers,, 2016 for taking these photos and letting us use them!

Hanford-Dole Open House Tasting

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