Hoffner Organic Farms is a family operated Certified Organic Dairy located in rural Mt. Ulla.  Chris Hoffner, his wife Tara, and their two children, Ansley and Owen live and work on this family farm.  They are one of the first dairies in NC to become certified organic. In addition to being a dairy farm, they also offer organic beef and will be adding produce to their farm this summer.  Organic hay and straw is also grown on the farm.

The farm was originally known as the Goodman Farm, Mr. Goodman was the local sheriff.  In 1956, GL Hoffner bought the farm, who in turn sold it to his son, AL Hoffner (Buddy), and he sold it to his son, Chris, who with the help of his family and loyal workers, runs it today.  Chris’s son Owen, who is 11, came out with us, and was able to answer most of the  farm questions , maybe a future 4th generation farmer in the making.

The farm is certified organic and sells its milk to Organic Valley.  They use absolutely no pesticides, fertilizers, or anything else that may harm the pastures and affect the quality of the milk.  The soil health is extremely important and there are more than 10 species of plants that grow in the pastures.  Dung beetles play an important part of the cycle.  Did you know that they not only remove the moisture from cow patties, but they actually insert balls of nutrients down into the soil?

Have you ever seen the commercial for happy cows?  Taking a walk through the dairy herd of 130 cows it was evident they could easily be in the commercial.  A variety of Holsteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, and Red and White Holsteins, they were calmly munching on their lunch, while quietly looking us over.  They are milked twice a day and moved to a different pasture every 12 hours.  Pastures are mowed regularly to keep the grasses tender and tasty.

Beef from this farm can be purchase from Evans Farms, Patterson’s farm stand, West Rowan Farm and Garden, and McCloud Organics.  They will be processing every three weeks to keep up with demand.

Hoffner Organic Farms

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Hoffner Organic Farms
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