With input from the board and “focus groups” (basically anyone that would talk to me), the new logo leaves out the “fist” that was in our most recent logo. I’ll miss it a bit, honestly. Like pretty much everyone I’ve met through Bread Riot, I will stick to my guns and fight when necessary. But leaving out the fist is consistent with my approach to try to work with anyone who wants to make this community stronger and healthier. We are stronger when we try to find common ground with a broad coalition. In particular, I believe my work for the farmers’ market has helped Bread Riot build friendships and partnerships with Rowan County farmers.

For those that don’t instantly recognize the shape, we incorporated Rowan County’s outline into our new logo. A connection to place is an essential part of the local food movement. The various colors represent different types of farms, freshly tilled red earth for vegetables, golden grains, and green pastures. The colors also symbolize diversity more generally. We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and perspectives to make up this place we love.

New Logo

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