Share The Harvest
Share The Harvest – Making a Difference to Many in 2018

Share the Harvest is a program that Bread Riot has been working on and expanding since 2015. The program is separated into two seasons: Winter and Summer.

The winter program includes sourcing local produce and goods from different producers. Individual boxes are assembled with the intent of distributing each box to a family in need. A sample box might include: bread, jam, lettuce, sweet potatoes or potatoes, greens, cookies or sweet bread, and eggs, all of which Bread Riot purchases. 20-30 boxes are distributed twice during the winter: Mid-December and late February. Recipients have included families from Koontz Elementary and Hanford Dole Elementary and the local Head Start.

Our summer program involves purchasing produce from local farmers and distributing to individual families. For the past couple of years we have followed the “Summer Feed” bus 3-4 during the summer and invited families to help themselves. This year, with the help of two grants, we will be expanding that program to twice a week. We have also scheduled visits to a few summer camps and a health fair at the Health Department. In addition, we are donating produce to Meals on Wheels to distribute to their meal recipients.

Share the Harvest