Spring Lake Family Farm (Gabe is second from the left)
Spring Lake Family Farm (Gabe is second from the left)

Spring Lake Family Farm
Gabe Lowder

“I grew up in a farm family. My grandfather had one of the larger row crop farms in Stanly County and my dad had a greenhouse and nursery business, so I was exposed to all types of agriculture from the time I was able to follow them around. I always knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps and carry on the family legacy.

There was never any question. Everything about farming is great to me. There are new challenges to conquer every day and it keeps my mind working. Probably the best part about it is getting up in the morning to go to a job that I love to do.

The whole Spring Lake Family is involved in most every aspect of this farm. We all have each other’s back so that nothing gets overlooked or left out. We all share all of the responsibilities and bring our own strong points to the table with this farm.

I would advise anyone who wants to be a farmer to jump in and go for it. It is a very rewarding career in many ways. Make sure and do lots of research first and be ready for things to go wrong because they will…on a weekly basis.

I really love a big salad made with our fresh bibb lettuce. The sautéed swiss chard is a really good dish as well.
Gabriel Lowder, Grower

“Spring Lake Family Farms is a family owned business, located in Albemarle North Carolina, which uses Aquaponics as our primary growing method. Our mission is to provide local communities with natural produce at affordable prices, to provide our customers with excellent service, and educate everyone on the benefits of sustainable farming. We love every opportunity to get to know you.”

Spring Lake Family Farms
33463 Old Salisbury Rd
Albemarle, North Carolina
Phone: 704-985-6041


Spring Lake Family Farm