Twin Oak Farms/Frank Patterson Farm has been a working farm since 1921. The Patterson family ran the farm all the way up until 1996. Tim Sloop and his cousin Greg started working for the Pattersons in 1977. They took over the farm in 1996. They have been working on the farm for the last 43 years! They farm 60 acres, with 8 greenhouses.

Growing everything they sell, the farm offers a variety of produce and plants throughout the season, including strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cantaloupes, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, to name a few. They offer their produce at the Davidson and Salisbury Farmer’s Markets. Some of their produce goes to wholesale markets and buyers who sell it at Charlotte area markets.

Tim, his wife Mary, and daughter Sarah and her husband are the familiar faces you see at the Salisbury Rowan Farmer’s Market, Greg works the Davidson Market. “I love farming, I have been farming for 43 years. There is always new things to learn and I love the challenge.” Tim says with a smile on his face.

Twin Oak Farms/Frank Patterson Farm
3280 Patterson Road
China Grove, NC 28023
PH (704) 202-9206

Twin Oak Farms/Frank Patterson Farm
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