I was just looking over our survey from the end of last year’s Winter Harvest program. It made me really happy to see feedback from all the happy people who subscribed last year. Here’s what they had to say!

“I have told and recommended Winter Harvest to everyone I know. I was extremely pleased with the products and service. It was the highlight of my week! Thank you!”

“We truly enjoyed our Bread Riot baskets! My daughter and father in law LOVE the bread and eggs, and I love the fresh veggies, and other delicious surprises that make me step out of my comfort zone in the kitchen. I love even more that the baskets are delivered. It makes life easier for a working mom trying to provide her family with healthy and delicious meals. Thank you sincerely.”

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our Winter Harvest boxes. My boys love to be the first ones to open the box each week to see everything from the farmers. And I love putting meals on the table that are farm fresh! Thank you.”

Thanks to the hundred subscribers we’ve had in the past years and the more than twenty farmers and other food vendors who helped make past Winter Harvests a success!

To sign up for Winter Harvest register here: Winter Harvest.

Winter Harvest Endorsements

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